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Ice Creams!

Single scoop – $3.00 | Double Scoop – $4.00 | Triple Scoop – $5.00 | Pints – $9.00

A blend gourmet organic beans create a true vanilla sensation! The mix of fruity, smoky and floral makes for an exciting tasting experience!

Sweet Browned Butter
We slow-cook blocks of Calder Dairy Farm Butter, resulting in an ice cream with beautiful caramel flavor that slowly develops into a salty, buttery finish.

Chocolate Sorbet
Luscious, dreamy and dark. Go! Chocolate Sorbet is an intense chocolate experience, with no dairy products to get in the way of delivering MAXIMUM CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD to your face.

Orange Creamsicle
We juice and zest fresh oranges for a fresh, creamy flavor!

Key Lime
A creamy, tangy, ice cream- swirled with actual key lime pie filling!  Pairs great with graham cracker crust!

Carrot Cake
Candied carrots, homemade cream cheese frosting ripple, candied walnuts, and whiskey-soaked currants!



Waffle Cone or  Waffle Bowl – $1.25

Graham Cracker Crust Sprinkles Chocolate Shell Peanuts Peanut Butter Sauce Fudge Sauce • Cherries  Flavored Whipped Cream Caramel Sauce  Dried Fruit Topping  Cookie Crumble 


Special Sundaes!


Brûléed Banana Split

Brûléed Banana Split- $7.00
Two scoops of your choice with caramelized banana and all the fixings!

Brownie Sundae – $5.00
Your choice of ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream on a brownie!

Dark & Nutty – $5.00
Chocolate sorbet with peanut butter sauce, and roasted salted peanuts!


Handmade Sodas!


16 ounce – $2.00 | 20 ounce – $2.75

Spicy Ginger Ale
Honey Cream Soda
Key Lime Soda

Ice Cream Floats!
Two scoops in any of our handmade sodas listed above!

Boston Cooler
Honey Vanilla Cooler
Key Lime Cooler


Make it a malt for .50!

Vanilla  Chocolate   Chocolate Peanut Butter  Peanut Butter  Coffee  Chocolate Coffee  Caramel



Even More Fun!

Chocolate Egg Cream – $3.50
Light & fizzy chocolate milk yumminess…a soda fountain classic!

Pupsicles! – $1.50
For your pooch!  Beef-flavored ice cubes and a dental bone.