Key Lime Pie


Nothing says summer — or escaping to Florida to get away from Michigan winters — quite like Key limes. First, we flavor our base using Key lime zest, then we swirl in our homemade Key lime pie filling throughout, and bits of our spiced graham cracker crust! This ice cream is creamy and bright and tastes like summer on a spoon!

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All of our products are proudly made by hand, 6 quarts at a time, in Ypsilanti, Michigan. We use only natural ingredients. No hidden emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives. We buy our ingredients locally whenever possible, and it’s almost always possible.


Ingredients: Cream, Milk, Sugar, Tapioca Starch, Milk Powder, Key Lime Juice, Eggs,Organic wheat flour, Organic graham flour, Organic cane sugar, Organic vegetable oils (safflower or sunflower oil), Organic honey, Butter, Organic molasses, Leavening (baking soda, ammonium bicarbonate), Sea salt, Cream of tartar, Sea Salt


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